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Project Description

This is a Code repository and not for distribution at this stage.

This is a web based application hosted in a SaaS model. This application is going to help apartment/residence association to manage their daily affairs. This application will help the association to maintain their account books in order, send alerts and reminders to members for maintenance payment, tax payments. Help association to manage association maintenance employees and manage complains and issue logs and track status etc. Following are probable functional modules:

  • Admin Module
    Basic system level configuration and settings, master data and subscription management etc.
  • Management Module
    Day to day association management tasks like membership & move in /move out management, helpdesk/complain and issue tracker, Employee/vendor contract management, Asset/inventory and common facilities management etc.
  • Communication Module
    Collaboration and communication related activities like notice circulation, alerts and reminder generation, event calendar etc.
  • Basic Accounting Module
    Income/expense tracker, Cash and Bank statement, General ledger, Member/Flat account statement etc.
  • Misc. Module
    Payment gateway, SMS gateway, Emal, Apartment/Flat documents storage.


Please see the project documentation for other details

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